Welcome to our Nap Spot Listing.  To help you locate our driveway look for a large bunch of fruit stand signs at the edge of our driveway. It is in the city of Manning although the address show is Banks because that is where the PO box is. I saw the trailer on Google Maps with a 360 degree view of the area to help you find it. It can be very dark at this time there is no lighting out there except on the front house which is the neighbors. Please have a flashlight ready.

The reason I had to spell out DHall Dot Net is because we can't pass phone numbers, email addresses or URL's thru texting or (email I think) via AirBnB website it all gets HIDDEN IN CAPS.  Let me know with a text that you were able to view this page. TY

I need to get you the key code. If we are unreachable within a few hours you might need to cancel because you cant get in without a code.

Our contact info:

Debby - 503-857-6189 

Mark  - 503-429-8382




 Get the Wifi Info Here

Wifi Info We are opening another AirBnb location  width=




               House Rules                      

1)    Text us when you leave “The key is in the box”


2)    Everything folded is clean.

              Toss dirty, used linens in the basket.

              (Top blankets are not washed between each and every visitor                           

so please use a sheets for your top and bottom.)


3)    Electrical rules:

            Do not run two appliances at the same time.

            It will blow the breaker. Which is outside on the post by the                    

neighbors fence, it is running only on two extension cords.

Example: Micro, hot water pot, coffee pot, toaster or any other equipment plugged into any other outlets. Because the refrigerator, air conditioning/heating, computer and possibly a lamp or two are already using it. From experience only (1) more is all it can handle.


4)    Keep garbage as clean as possible I have to pack it all out.


5)    Make it easy for me to recycle your cans or bottles. I will try to keep         

plastic grocery bags around for you to use for that.


6)    Put non-recycling (with food on it) in plastic bags that are in the       

kitchen cupboard this can is inside the long kitchen cupboard door.


       Put dry paper trash or plastic wrap with (no food) in paper trash       

cans or separated if you cant find a paper one.


       Use different plastic trash bags for cans/bottles drinking plastic or       

glass materials no lids they can go in the kitchen trash.


       If house cans are full take please take them out to the back

       covered can by the lockbox.


       If you use the last 33-39 gallon bag for      

anything please let me know.  I will need one when I’m removing garbage.   


   “ Love your neighbor”


The dogs next door do not belong to us. Their owner usually tells them              

to quit down and they listen. See the basket on the table for ear                               

plugs, feel free to keep a pair.

Click the the Parking & Keys picture to download and view all these docs in a .PDF 


We might stock the refrigerator with items you can purchase so you can send monies via email or leaving cash or check in the donation container on site.

  Contact us for other ideas to have available. 




 We accept donations for house cleaning and this helps keep the pricing down. Thank You.