Welcome and thanks for staying at our Nap Spot.  House Rules are at the bottom. You can search Google Maps for a 360 view of the area so you wont miss the driveway. There are a bunch of fruit stand signs marking their 1/2 mile away location standing at the edge of our driveway. It is in the city of Manning although the address show Banks because that is where the PO box is.  

The reason I had to spell out DHall Dot Net is because we can't pass phone numbers, email addresses or URL's thru texting or (email I think) via AirBnB website it all gets HIDDEN IN CAPS.  Please text me when you have a chance to view this page. 

We need to communicate so you can get the key code. 

Our contact info:

Debby - 503-857-6189 

Mark  - 503-429-8382

We might stock the refrigerator with items you can purchase so you can send monies via email or leaving cash or check in the donation container on site.

  Contact us for other ideas to have available. 



 We accept donations for house cleaning and this helps keep the pricing down. Thank You.



NapSpot Brochure

                                 More Pictures - still " The house rules are below"



 House Rules