Vernonia Rural Fire

The Vernonia Rural Fire was established in 1891. There are approximately 2500 residents in the city of Vernonia. The district covers 36 Square Miles with one Fire Station. We are a 100% volunteer firefighter organization with 23 volunteer firefighters, 6 logistics volunteers, 13 Explorers, 5 Board members and 1 office manager. The Fire Department responds to approximately 425 calls a year. We have three main engines E-451, E-452 and E-454 that are our first response fire apparatus. We also have a command vehicle C-450 and a rescue vehicle R-457. There are two additional brush rigs for use on small fires and wildland operations E-4530 and E-4540.

Columbia County Emergency Management and Washington County Consolidated Communications

Welcome to Our House
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The photo above is our station house.  Located in Vernonia, Oregon at 555 E. Bridge Street.